Han Cilliers

7 Steps to Financial Wellness

The road to financial independence can seem dark and dangerous, but it’s easy enough to light the way with these simple tips for managing your money and destroying your debt. 1. Track Your Spending Right now, given the state of the economy it is more important than ever to keep […]

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How Debtline Can Lead You to Financial Wellness

financial wellness

Financial wellness means different things to different people. Perhaps it’s being able to move into your own place or pay off your student loans, or it’s buying your first car and pursuing hobbies that require a little extra cash. No matter what it may mean to you, one thing is essential […]

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Will I lose my assets if I’m under Debt Review?

losing my assets over debt

The fear of losing assets while under debt review is a genuine concern for people and prevents many from seeking debt counselling. However, the fear is unfounded as debt review protects your assets. Read: Car repossession rules while under debt review One of the numerous benefits of debt counselling is […]

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How to Deal with Debt Collectors in South Africa

How to deal with Debt Collectors in South Africa

If you are behind on your debt payments, you may have come into contact with debt collectors. These are independent individuals or organisations creditors hire to follow up with debtors who have overdue repayments. You may be worried that a debt collector will show up and bully you with physical […]

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Top 5 questions from debt review clients

debt review clients

Debtline‘s Aftercare Centre collected our Debt Review clients’ five most frequently asked questions. If you are over-indebted or struggling to make your debt payments, and considering loan consolidation or debt review, these five questions will help you make the decision. 1. When will my creditors get paid? Under Debt Review, […]

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Financial tips for young people

Financial tips for young people

The month of June is all about Youth in South Africa and young people of this country should have the skills they need to manage their money and thrive without debt on their shoulders every day! Considering how little schools teach about finances and managing your cash flow, teenagers and […]

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3 Ways to get out of debt

get out of debt

If you have a lot of debt and struggle to keep up with your monthly payments, you don’t have to handle the stress of counting your cents to survive. There are options available that could change the way you spend and save your money. You’ll need to decide the best […]

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How do credit reports work?

credit reports

Credit reports reflect how well you pay back loans and accounts on credit. To take out any credit, you need to apply with a lender who checks how good you are at paying your loans. This is your credit history, and it determines a few things like whether you’re able […]

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How to improve your credit score

improve my credit score

Improve your credit score before you take out a loan or purchase an asset. It is an important factor when you’re looking to loan money from any creditor in South Africa. The better your score, the more credit you’ll receive on better terms. When you have a poor credit score […]

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