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Prescribed debt: A complete guide

Prescribed debt

Prescribed debt is an interesting scenario that people who utilise credit across South Africa should know more about. It’s not common, but if caught off guard, you could be responsible for a debt you don’t need to pay. Read: 10 Warning signs that you have a debt problem What is […]

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How To Tackle South Africa’s Biggest Financial Challenges in 2024

Financial Challenges in South Africa

As South Africa braces itself for the financial challenges of 2024, a range of economic factors indicates potential headwinds. Consequently, individuals and households must understand these challenges to make informed decisions and handle their financial well-being proactively.  In this article, we delve into the anticipated economic challenges and offer guidance […]

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3 Common Misconceptions about Debt Review

debt review misconceptions

There are numerous debt review and financial rescue misconceptions that individuals accept over time. Having inaccurate or inadequate information can undermine your capacity to choose the correct debt solution for your money related situation. Below, we take a look at a few misconceptions that have plagued the debt relief industry […]

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