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Happy Dare Day! Today is dedicated to daring those around you to do the things they wouldn’t usually do – things they may be afraid to do. It’s a day for action, and for taking risks. One major factor that often stops us from taking action and reaching our goals […]

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Credit Life Insurance Explained

credit life

If you are considering debt review or loan consolidation, you must consider taking out a Credit Life policy. South Africa is facing so many uncertainties regarding the rising costs of living expenses and the recent grey listing status, which will ultimately also lead to an increase in debt. Read: Budget […]

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Payment Holidays – Are They Right for You?

payment holiday

In the current economic climate in which we find ourselves, it’s understandable that everything finance-related may seem a bit more uncertain and anxiety-inducing. For many of us, the dramatic interruption of work and life has brought with it an unexpected loss of income and/or emergency expenses that have derailed our […]

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