Credit Scoring

How do credit reports work?

credit reports

Credit reports reflect how well you pay back loans and accounts on credit. To take out any credit, you need to apply with a lender who checks how good you are at paying your loans. This is your credit history, and it determines a few things like whether you’re able […]

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How to improve your credit score

improve my credit score

Improve your credit score before you take out a loan or purchase an asset. It is an important factor when you’re looking to loan money from any creditor in South Africa. The better your score, the more credit you’ll receive on better terms. When you have a poor credit score […]

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Debt and your credit score report

credit score report

Have you ever wondered what your credit score report really means? We are all aware of the current economic status in South Africa. And just like our motto: “Diverse people unite”, we need to unite by changing the status of consumers in a greylisted country. It starts by checking your […]

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Student loans in South Africa

student loans

As a South African citizen, it’s easy to apply for student loans, credit cards, or store accounts with minimal effort. Younger generations are impacted greatly by the South African economy, especially when managing student loans and debt. As a South African citizen, it is easy to apply for credit cards, […]

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