How do credit reports work?

credit reports

Credit reports show how well you pay back loans and credit accounts. To borrow money, you need to apply with a lender who checks your history of paying back loans. This is called your credit history and it affects your ability to borrow money, how much you can borrow, and […]

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The Cheapest Grocery Stores in South Africa

Cheapest Grocery Stores South Africa

Finding affordable grocery stores and options can significantly affect your overall spending and monthly budget in a world where every cent counts. South Africa is home to several fantastic supermarket chain stores renowned for their wallet-friendly prices and enticing deals.  Let’s explore the top picks for the cheapest grocery stores […]

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Household Affordability in South Africa: Insights and Strategies

Home affordability

In a landscape where financial stability often feels like a distant dream, understanding the nuances of household affordability becomes paramount. Recent studies shed light on the intricate dynamics influencing spending patterns and economic outlooks for South African households. Let’s delve into these insights and uncover strategies to navigate the challenging […]

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