Monthly Archives: December 2020

Free Financial Holiday Reads

finance books

With the holidays upon us, you’ll hopefully find some spare time to brush up on your reading. Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you by compiling a list of free articles and blogs that will help you brush up on your financial savvy so you can enter the new […]

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Set Your Sights on Success: An Expert Shows Us How

good debt

Cape Talk Money Matters host and financial planner Sylvia Walker provides readers with a wealth of information and easy to follow tips on how to gain financial independence and create wealth. We’ve summarised some key points that anyone can follow to start planning for financial independence and a debt-free lifestyle […]

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Reckless lending checks and tips

Debt Counsellors

Reckless lending could be the reason a person is over-indebted. In such cases, there should be an investigation into the person’s credit agreements, which could result in a payment holiday or even release from the credit obligation. Read: Over-indebted: How does it affect you? The danger of unsecured lending Did […]

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