Monthly Archives: April 2023

Debt and your credit score report

credit score report

Have you ever wondered what your credit score report really means? We are all aware of the current economic status in South Africa. And just like our motto: “Diverse people unite”, we need to unite by changing the status of consumers in a greylisted country. It starts by checking your […]

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Student loans in South Africa

student loans

As a South African citizen, it’s easy to apply for student loans, credit cards, or store accounts with minimal effort. Younger generations are impacted greatly by the South African economy, especially when managing student loans and debt. As a South African citizen, it is easy to apply for credit cards, […]

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Personal loans in South Africa

Personal Loans in South Africa

Banks and financial institutions across South Africa offer loans of different kinds to customers every day; one of these loans is the personal loan. A personal loan is available to fill any need and doesn’t have a specific purpose. Unlike a home or car loan, you can use the funds […]

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