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Free Credit Score

What is a credit score

Credit scoring tells the lender how likely you are to repay your debt based on your previous
conduct. Therefore, applying for credit from a lender will include assessing your credit score.

Steps to get your free
credit report


Group 19

Login with PIN code and click verify & sign-in


Group 20

Click on the right slider button to accept all T&C’s.
Then select “next”.


Group 21

Upload ID document by selecting “choose” button.
Then select “next”.


Group 22

Answer all 3 ITC questions.
Then select “submit answers”.


Group 23

After process has completed, click “download your credit report” to get your report.

What you get with your credit report

What your credit
score means

Credit scores range between

400 and 940

Happy Debt Free

The higher your credit score is, the better. A high credit score will also mean you can get better loan deals, more capital when needed, and better interest rates.

XTS Pressage Score

What influences your credit score

Many different factors will affect your credit score. These are points a credit bureau looks at when calculating your individual score.


Group 14

Debt repayment history – Bad or good


Group 15

Amount of debt you currently owe


Group 16

Types of credit you’ve applied for


Group 17

History of judgements, admin orders, garnishee orders, debt review


Group 18

How much of your available credit you’re using every month

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