May 28, 2024

Comparing the Top 6 Political Parties in South Africa

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There are great concerns in terms of the future of South Africa and its current financial state. There are many who believe that South Africa will need to make political changes in order to meet economic demands. 

With the upcoming elections, all political parties are making promises in terms of financial change and more. Here’s a quick overview of how some of the top parties are planning on making changes:


The African National Congress (ANC) is the current ruling party and made several new promises in time for the upcoming elections. Their manifesto focuses on job creation, national youth service, food security, land reform, and crime reduction. 

The ANC promises to create 3.5 million public sector job opportunities and wants to establish a national youth service in collaboration with the SANDF. With the purpose of the service is to engage young people in activities that would contribute to their personal development. 

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Another promise is to focus on more effective legislation and provisions to accelerate land reform. And they also acknowledge current complaints regarding crime and state they will be addressing this issue, but no specific strategies are avialable. 


The Democratic Alliance (DA) has revealed a manifesto that promises big change should they be elected. Their manifesto promises more jobs, the end of loadshedding and water shortages, a reduction in crime, and the abolishment of corruption. 

The DA wants a fresh start for South Africa, which is clearly seen in their well-researched manifesto promises. In terms of job creation, they have a goal to create two million jobs which will address unemployment and boost the economy. They also plan on bringing load shedding to an end, which, as all South Africans know, has become more frequent and problematic. 

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The party also states that there is a need for investment in water infrastructure and will focus on bringing remedy. They also advocate for better roads and public transport for the whole of South Africa. 


The EFF has a couple of promises, with their primary focus being on land redistribution. The EFF focuses its promises on land, jobs, and electricity. Their main focus is on addressing historical injustices of land dispossession, giving back the land, and making sure that black South Africans have equitable access to land resources. 

With the current unemployment rate, the other focus is on creating new jobs by implementing effective policies and making changes to the current government. The EFF states that there’s no more time for empty promises, and they’re ready to take action to decrease poverty and joblessness. 

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The party also aims to provide dependable electricity generation, transmission, and distribution to all South Africans. No strategies or plans are available.  


The United Democratic Movement (UDM) focuses on various key points in its 2024 election manifesto, more specifically on fighting corruption and curbing misuse of power. At the top of the priority list is untying the tangled web of corruption and restoring the power of accounting officers, ensuring that political parties can’t use their powers. 

In terms of the economy and debt, the party will follow a model of manageable public debt and budget deficit, which will allow more flexibility to invest in infrastructure development. This will help address imbalances and inequality and also be effective in terms of creating new jobs. 

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The party also says no money will be borrowed to fund the government’s day-to-day operational expenses. They will maintain budget deficits and public deficits. Furthermore they will introduce a debt management bill within the first 100 days in office. 

Other promises by the party include business investment and sustainable job creation. The party also focused on the electricity problem which starts with the inefficiency of Eskom. They will focus on stabilising the electricity problem and investing in providing training in terms of utilising raw materials. 


The Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) is focusing on various key issues in their manifesto but the primary focus is on health. The party aims to improve healthcare by making the elderly and children the focus. 

They will focus on the concept of universal health coverage and plan to review the National Health Insurance (NHI) scheme. They will be addressing the funding and defining the roles of public and private health service providers and medical aid schemes. Furthermore, they want to aim for at least one regional hospital in all 52 health districts and plan on expanding clinical services in disadvantaged communities. 

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Other focus points of the IFP’s manifesto focus on climate change, food security, basic income grants, social grants, illnesses like HIV and tuberculosis, as well as corruption and gender-based violence. 

In terms of job creation, the IFP will focus on youth unemployment, agricultural and rural employment, skill development and training programs as well job creation which will help elevate poverty and bring economic growth along with social stability. 


The Freedom Front Plus (FF+) promises restoration, rebuilding and addressing the current financial challenges. One of the plans is to remove BEE and implement a merit-based approach where the best people for the job get employed. 

The party also plans to focus on education and skills development, especially among the youth and return to a market driven and free market economy. They will also establish a fiscal commission that will be in charge of the government’s spending and focus on building economic stability and sustainable growth. 

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The party also believes that solving the current energy crisis is vital to economic productivity and citizen well-being. 

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