The Debt Review Process

The Debt Review Process

How does the Debt Review Process help me and my financial situation?

The Debt Review process helps clients who are struggling to settle their loan repayments and get through the month.

Debtline will:

  • Work out a more affordable amount for you to pay each month by negotiating with various credit providers
  • Provide you with a restructured loan repayment plan with lower interest rates
  • Protect your valuable assets, such as your car and house, from repossession
  • Help you regain firm control of your financial situation

Debtline’s Debt Review service will guide you on your journey to a debt-free life by ensuring that you pay a reduced repayment amount. The process takes both short- and long-term obligations into account. If you have any questions you can read Debt Review: The Complete Guide.

We can help clients to get debt-free in 60 months or less – every additional payment you make can help to reduce this time!

How does Debtline review me?

  • Our financial consultants will conduct a formal review of your finances and work together with you to draft a suitable monthly budget. This will ensure that you can afford to get through the month. This budget will usually be cut down to around 60% of what you’re currently paying and puts money back into your pocket from the first month.
  • Our team of negotiators will negotiate with credit providers on your behalf. These negotiations comprise a new payment plan and a reduced monthly repayment amount, which will enable you to afford your monthly payment obligations. We become the point of contact for all your credit providers – this relieves you from being hassled by creditors.
  • This process prevents you from having to declare yourself insolvent or bankrupt. We help you to create a roadmap for reducing your credit and becoming debt-free. Furthermore, we advise you in practicing effective financial management in order to maintain a good financial standing going forward.

The debt review process also decreases the risk of summonses and judgements against you. Our team will educate you about your financial rights according to the National Credit Act and how to better manage your finances.

Take the journey to a debt-free life!