February 7, 2020

Finesse Your Finances with Fit Literature

financial books

There is nothing quite like kicking off your shoes, getting comfy and diving into a great book. As 2020 comes into full swing, what better book to open than one that will help you put your finances in order?

To help assemble your arsenal of personal finance books, we have put together the best books that offer an abundance of information on, well, money and wealth. These cover everything from fattening and contributing to your budget to handling debt. 

Financial Freedom:

A Proven Path to All the Money You Will Ever Need 

By Grant Sabatier

Financial Freedom is a step-by-step process to get more cash-flow in less time, so you have more time on your hands for the things you love. It challenges the narrative of spending years working a traditional 9 to 5, keeping a tight budget, and winning the privilege of retirement at the age of 65. Rather, it offers readers an alternative: forget all you’ve learnt about money with the goal that you can, in fact, live the life you have always wanted.

Sabatier offers some astounding and outlandish guidance, offering tips to: 

  • Run profitable side hustles that you can transform into easy streams of revenue or full-time organisations 
  • Save cash without surrendering what makes you happy
  • Negotiate more out of your boss than you suspected conceivable 
  • Travel the world for less

Women with Money:

The Judgment-Free Guide to Creating the Joyful, Less Stressed, Purposeful (and, Yes, Rich) Life You Deserve 

By Jean Chatzky

Ask any successful woman what she needs from her money and she’ll let you know: freedom, security, choices, a better life, and – gracious yes – way less pressure, for herself as well as for her children, partner, guardians, and friends. Through a series of HerMoney Happy Hour conversations and one-on-one discussions, Jean Chatzky gets ladies to open up about the one topic we still never talk about. She turns the tables and outlines a pathway to this joyful, value-filled life that the women of today need and – at long last – have the assets to maintain.

Women With Money highlights the best ways to approach getting paid what you deserve, becoming inspired to start businesses, investing for tomorrow, making your money last, utilising funds to cultivate secure relationships, and – best of all – enjoying your life! 

Millennial Money Makeover

Escape Debt, Save for Your Future, and Live the Rich Life Now 

By Conor Richardson

Millennial Money Makeover takes you on a six-step journey to change your financial life and set you up for long-lasting achievement. From figuring out how to take care of your student loans to streamlining a budgetary strategy, Millennial Money Makeover explores how you can learn to take back your monetary future and kick off the way to a rich life.

Created for readers in their twenties and thirties, this book gives millennials a demonstrated playbook. Learn new tricks like how the use of robotic advisors can expand your profits, and how using delayed satisfaction when purchasing your first home can spare you thousands of rands. Regardless of whether you are planning a passion spending plan, making sense of how to buy that luxury item, or contemplating making your first dunk into investing, Richardson will show you the way.

Zen Money Map

Charge Your Worth, Pay Yourself First and Fund Your Wildest Dreams 

By Liz Lajoie

Zen Money Map tells entrepreneurs the best way to grasp their funds so as to kick off development in their business and other spheres of their lives.

For some individuals, work isn’t just about money – it’s tied into making a difference in the world. With Zen Money Map, entrepreneurs figure out how to make a financial system that guarantees a solid foundation for their business as well as constructing an extension to their personal lives in order to finance their wildest dreams. 

Lojoie shares the best way to make your funds work for you so you can feel truly zen about your finances. Inside, discover how to set up a positive cash stream and use it to keep building, know the precise amount you can pay yourself, and take a gander at the full cash picture without flinching. For those who are earning well but aren’t sure how to use that cash to the greatest benefit, Zen Money Map uncovers how to use the numbers to flourish in the best possible way. 

Living on a Budget 

By Emma Huddleston

Finding the balance between spending and salary may sound straightforward, but it can be challenging for many. Building a dependable budget can help secure a safe financial future. Living on a Budget outlines the importance of a budget, talks about approaches to consider when making payments, and offers tips on better financial planning.