January 7, 2020

How to Survive the Financial Strain of “Januworry”


Many people in January suffer as a result of a long break between December’s earlier paycheck and the first paycheck of the year. There is also the burden on bank accounts from festive shopping and holiday spending.

This leads to a common problem of “Januworrying” about stretching your money until the end of the month. Making your money last longer, although difficult, isn’t impossible! Making several adjustments to your spending habits can help Januworry go by with fewer worries and more rands.

Take your own lunch to work

A simple, but remarkably effective way to save money easily is to prepare food in advance. Choose to prepare your meals at home the night or morning before the workday and avoid buying extra food during the day. This way, you get the double benefit of saving money as well as eating more carefully!

Sell or regift an unwanted present

It’s possible that you received a Christmas present which you wouldn’t have chosen for yourself. Instead of using or keeping something you don’t want, consider selling it, or regifting it to a friend for their birthday. If you are able to sell it, you’ll have a little extra money in your pocket. If you choose to regift it, then you’re saving on a present you would have bought otherwise! 

Leave your card at home

Having a bank card on you makes paying for things remarkably easy. This is obviously more convenient, but it can be dangerous if you are trying to avoid spending your money. A way to combat impulsive buying is to keep some “safety” money with you and to leave your bank card at home. If you can see how much money you spend, you are more likely to focus on saving it instead.

Use what you already have and avoid buying!

When cooking or preparing food, try to use up what you have in the kitchen instead of buying. For example, find any canned or long-life products in your pantry and whip up a meal at essentially no cost! 

For bathroom cosmetics, try the same trick. If you don’t have any extra products lying around, use smaller amounts of your product such as toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner) and make it last longer!

Focus on settling up your debt

While you put the right practices in place to save, get on top of any debt you have outstanding. By clearing out bad debt, you will help improve your credit score as well as avoiding the risk of losing your assets. Sign up for Debt Review and you will be able to get on top of your debt in a protected, manageable way.