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The debt review process can seem daunting and complex, but it’s actually very simple once you break it down. Don’t believe us?

Check out this handy infographic that explains your four-step debt-free journey:

* If any circumstances arise that prevent you from making payment, it is imperative that you inform you DC immediately

FAQ What to expect next?

Following your initial assessment, your case will be assigned to one of our expert debt counsellors (DC). Your DC will work with you to review your financial situation and draft a monthly budget that will allow you to get through the month and meet your payment obligations.

No. You will however, need to sign an affidavit, after which your debt review case will be taken to court. If approved by a magistrate, you will be officially placed under debt review and afforded the legal protection thereof.

As a general rule, your first payment will be due within no more than 45 days from your debt review date of application, at your first salary payday within that period.

No. One of the biggest perks of going under debt review is that your DC becomes the point of contact for all of your creditors and you will be legally protected from harassment by credit providers and debt collectors.

No. Unfortunately, one of the conditions of debt review is that you will be unable to receive credit for the duration of the process. However, once you have paid off your debts and received your clearance certificate, the debt review flag will be removed from your credit report and you will once again be able to receive credit.

No. Once you have officially been placed under debt review, your assets will be legally protected from repossession for the duration of the process, so long as you are making payments in accordance with the payment plan that you DC has negotiated with your credit providers.

No. Once you have officially been placed under debt review, you are legally protected from being blacklisted or being declared insolvent or bankrupt.

The debt review process is often advertised as lasting for 5 years, or 60 months. However, the duration of your debt review journey is in your hands. The average person takes 36-60 months to become debt-free, but you can work with your DC to create a budget and payment plan according to your goals.

Once you have fully paid off your debts, you will be issued with a clearance certificate and the debt review flag will be removed from your credit report, leaving you to live a debt-free life.  However, if your only remaining account is your bond, you will be able to obtain a clearance certificate and exit debt review.

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