November 5, 2019

Tips for Saving on Your Electrical Bill

save on your electricity bill

Eskom might be forcing us to cut down on our electricity usage with power outages and load shedding, but it doesn’t mean we’ll be enjoying the benefits of cheaper monthly bills.

Cutting down on electricity can be easy if you can put small, simple things in place to make a big difference. And, incredibly, saving a little on electricity every month goes a long way in saving a lot over time.

Be clever with your lighting

The key advice when it comes to your lights:

Don’t leave them on if you’re not using them. This refers to room lights and smaller lighting such as bedside lamps. Get in the habit of clicking the light switch down when you leave a room (just make sure you’re not leaving someone in the dark!) and you’ll find your electricity bill come down too.

Pay attention to what sort of lightbulb you are using too. Consider replacing the energy-heavy traditional light bulbs with the more efficient (and longer-lasting) Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) bulbs. The initial cost is a little more than traditional bulbs, but the price makes up for it as it saves you money in the long run with a better life span and a reduced electrical expense.

If it’s possible, consider replacing your house’s lights with LED lights which are the most energy-efficient. 

Be smart with your geyser

Heating up water consistently throughout the day is expensive on energy. Your geyser is to blame for this.

One way to trick the system is to set your geyser to a timer so that the geyser only turns on for several hours in the day. While it does mean that your showers or baths will need to be scheduled to set hours (when the water is still hot), it ultimately is worthwhile in saving you money on your electricity. 

Consider washing your clothes at a low temperature

It takes more energy when any heat is used in any sort of electrical appliance. The washing machine is no different. When washing your clothes, try to keep the load to the maximum (without overstuffing your machine) and keep the temperature as low as the clothes can take. 

If you do this, it means you’ll be using more electricity to run on a lower level as well as running the machine less often.

Open windows and use nature to adjust the temperature

Instead of going first to plug in a fan (which isn’t very heavy on electricity) or turn on the air conditioning (which tends to be very heavy on electrical use), consider opening up the doors and windows to let the cooler outside air in as the summer season comes in.

Using natural elements to cool and regulate your home will go a long way in giving your home the fresh air it might be needing as well as cutting back on the appliances you are using.

On a chilly evening, bundle up with a blanket rather than switching on the thermal heating. 

Be energy efficient & budget better

Any money you save on your electricity can go towards other areas in your financial plan; meaning you can set the funds aside to either save or pay off any debt you might have.

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