Financial wellness means different things to different people. Perhaps it’s being able to move into your own place or pay off your student loans, or it’s buying your first car and pursuing hobbies that require a little extra cash. No matter what it may mean to you, one thing is essential in gaining true financial freedom – debt alleviation.

Debt is like a pair of shackles around your feet, slowing your progress and tripping you up on your path to financial freedom. Your goal will always seem a long way away until you can break those chains. For so many of us, freeing ourselves from debt can seem like a sweet and distant dream, but trust us when we say that anyone can find freedom and live the life they deserve. All it takes is a little help – and that’s where we come in.

Here at Debtline, we offer a range of services including debt review and the provision of a free credit report. Whatever financial situation you are in, we guarantee that we can get you debt-free in 60 months or less!

Here are just 4 ways that Debtline can help you to break free:

1. What’s the Problem, Houston?

Before we can get to fixing your financial situation, we need to figure out where the problems are. Doing this on your own can be confusing, emotional, frustrating and overwhelming, especially if your financial knowledge isn’t top-notch (which is totally normal!). We highly recommend seeking the help of financial professionals (that would be us!) who can look at your situation and easily spot areas that need adjustment. The best part? A consultation with us is completely FREE! Just fill out our contact form and we’ll call you back!

2. Budget Buddies

One of the top causes of financial struggles is poor financial management – and we totally get that! You sit down straight after payday and neatly divide up your income across all your expenses (with some extra set aside for savings) and you’re ready to go! Except, somehow, two weeks later you’re sitting with R37,60 in your account and the only thing in your kitchen is margarine and half a loaf of bread. It’s nothing to feel ashamed of – it can just be really hard to distribute your income effectively and stick to your plan. Luckily, as part of our personal finance rescue service, one of our NCR-registered financial consultants will conduct a formal review of your finances and work with you to draw up a realistic and achievable monthly budget that will ensure that you are able to get through the month.

3. Let Us Do the Talking

One of the scariest parts of dealing with debt is negotiating with credit providers – especially if your financial knowledge is a little shaky or you owe money to a number of different people or institutions. If you aren’t 100% sure of your financial rights and what sort of payment plan you can handle, you might end up agreeing to something that could harm you in the future. Luckily for you, we know how to protect you and keep you financially stable while you pay off your debt. By negotiating on your behalf, we can secure a payment plan that will lower your monthly repayment amount and set your mind at ease. Plus, we will become the point of contact for all your credit providers, so you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you won’t have to deal with calls and harassment from creditors!

4. Knowledge is Power

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Clichéd? Yes. True? Absolutely. Our job at Debtline is to get you out of debt, but our mission is to work with you along the way and leave you with a knowledge of financial systems, money management, and your fundamental financial rights. Our services will alleviate your debt, but it’s the lessons that you will learn along the way that will keep you out of debt and ensure that you have financial freedom for as long as you live.

The journey to financial freedom isn’t an easy one, but it is so, so worth it. And we’re here to walk it with you every step of the way.