Why choosing an NCR-registered debt counsellor is important

NCR-registered debt counsellor

If you find yourself drowning in debt, you may consider turning to any Tom, Dick or Harry to help you climb your way out. Loan sharks, friendly advice from a coworker, or an internet forum may seem like the easy way out, but real and safe assistance only comes from an NCR- registered debt counsellor.

Only work with an NCR-registered debt counsellor

More importantly, you must make sure you choose an NCR-registered debt counsellor before anyone else. The NCR is the National Credit Regulator. The NCR’s mission is to support the social and economic advancement of South Africans. They do this by protecting consumers and ensuring that those who need help get it in the right way.


If you’re wondering why you should only contact an NCR-registered debt counsellor, here are four reasons to work with a trusted professional to get the help you need.


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1. Debt counsellors are your mediators


Your debt counsellor is your mediator, and they stand between you and creditors that may be knocking at your door to collect the payments you can’t afford to make. Because debt counsellors need to be professional, supportive and know the law, only those registered with the NCR have the power to protect you from your creditors.


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2. Debt counsellors can reduce your monthly repayments


When it comes to tackling your overwhelming debt and reducing your monthly repayments, debt counsellors are superheroes. They work on your behalf and contact creditors to negotiate your overall debt down as much as possible. This isn’t a simple task, and someone who doesn’t have the training or backing of the NCR can’t do this effectively.


A registered and legal debt counsellor can discuss your financial needs with creditors while being supported by the NCR. This is very important and can make the difference between paying back all of your debt or reducing it significantly.


3. You’ll get legal and helpful advice


The debt review process is not a walk in the park. It takes long hours of negotiating on your behalf and financial planning. You need to be able to rely on your debt counsellor to give you correct legal advice that you can trust.


Only by using a debt counsellor with the correct registration in place and being held accountable by the National Credit Regulator can this be a reality.


4. They won’t charge exorbitant fees


If you’re concerned about what debt counselling may cost, you’re in good hands. High fees are out of the question when using an NCR-registered debt counsellor. The NCR regulates your debt review fees. In fact, you can pay as little as R100 in fees, depending on what you need help with when applying for debt review.


If you choose an unregistered debt counsellor, you could find yourself paying high monthly fees without anyone to put a stop to it.


Is your debt counsellor registered with the NCR?


You can visit the National Credit Regulator website to ensure that the debt counsellor you’re working with is registered with the NCR. You can also call 0860 627 627 to request the counsellor’s registration number.


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