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Personal Loan Myths Debunked

Personal loans are like the chameleons of borrowing, in that there is more than one way to look at using it.  You can use your personal loan to tackle your credit card debt. To buy or lease a car, consolidate your loans or pay for that dream wedding or holiday abroad. A personal loan provides a kind of flexibility that…

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The Benefits of Living Debt Free

Living with debt may seem like the ‘norm’ these days but debt has the potential to damage our lives in a far less normal way. Carrying too much debt can cause more than budgeting problems; it can cause stress and personal problems, too. Experts today say that your mental and financial health are unquestionably intertwined. While it may be easy…

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Representative Example
Loan Repayments are full of variables and things such as rates and once-off initiation fees. These vary depending on your individual credit profile. The terms of the repayment period can range anywhere from three months to a maximum of 6 years, with varying Interest rates from creditor to creditor up to a maximum of 28% per annum (compounded monthly).

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